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Projects - Bluebird Boxes

Help increase our bluebird population!

Bluebirds are a welcome sign of spring. The Bluebird population has decreased significantly because of the loss of their habitats and an increased competition for nesting sites. The most important step in Bluebird conservation is to provide nesting sites by setting out Bluebird boxes.


The Beautification Committee encourages residents to put out Bluebird houses and has installed them at various locations throughout Town including Granada Park, Sandra Marker Trail, Montecito Parkway and Skunk Hallow. In areas where these houses have been placed Bluebirds are beginning to recover. 


With your help, we hope to increase the Bluebird population so generations can enjoy the beautiful bird with its gentle song and manner. If other songbirds utilize the bird houses it’s ok. They need help, too!

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